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/ɑr/, /ɔr/, /ɛr/, /ir/


  • R母音です。母音からRへとつながる発音です。
  • Rの際に、顎を閉じ気味して、舌を巻き、腹筋から強く息を吐きます。
発音記号 発音方法(母音) 発音方法(R)
/ɑr/ 顎を縦に大きく開いて「ア」 顎を閉じ気味にして、舌先を巻き上げ、腹筋から強く息を吐きます。

/ɔr/ 顎をやや開いて「オ」
/ɛr/ 顎を縦に大きく開きスマイルの口で「エ」
/ir/ 顎を閉じ気味にして「イ」
/ʊr/ 顎をやや開いて「ウ」




# 単語 発音 # 単語 発音
1 hard hɑrd 10 large lɑrʤ
2 start stɑrt 11 heart hɑrt
3 four fɔr 12 morning ˈmɔrnɪŋ
4 before bɪˈfɔr 13 forward ˈfɔrwərd
5 there ðɛr 14 compare kəmˈpɛr
6 where wɛr 15 airport ˈɛrˌpɔrt
7 hear hir 16 clear klɪr
8 near nɪr 17 career kəˈrɪr
9 sure ʃʊr 18 tour tʊr




# 例文
1 Please take care of yourself.
2 I forgot to charge my smartphone.
3 Thank you for coming early in the morning.
4 Where can I find scarves?
5 I can’t afford to buy a new car.
6 Please place the card here to enter the room.
7 I majored in Software Engineering in my university.
8 She keeps her hair short in summer.
9 I change the color of my nails according to the season.
10 We should hire someone who can be an immediate workforce.
11 Japan is hard to live because of the strong peer pressure.
12 Please make sure to reserve the parking in advance.
13 My presentation today was far from perfect.
14 We’re charged for plastic bags at convenience stores.
15 It was painful for me to be compared by my brother.
16 This software reduces the cost of current tasks by half.
17 I’m suffering from skin irritation caused by wearing a mask.
18 It’s important to clearly separate your work and private life.