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/f/, /v/


  • スタッカートで腹筋から瞬発的に強く息を吐きます。
発音記号 発音方法
  • 上前歯で下唇を軽くかんで、息を強く吐きます。
  • 空気の摩擦音をしっかり出していきましょう。
  • /f/の有声音です。




# 単語 発音 # 単語 発音
1 half hæf 7 family ˈfæməli
2 fine faɪn 8 fifteen fɪfˈtin
3 coffee ˈkɑfi 9 Friday ˈfraɪdi
4 visit ˈvɪzət 10 live lɪv
5 every ˈɛvəri 11 over ˈoʊvər
6 five faɪv 12 favorite ˈfeɪvərɪt




# 例文
1 I often have a fight with my wife.
2 The fragrance of this perfume is suited for the office environment.
3 I felt like I was ripped off after seeing the movie.
4 For me personally, this is the toughest work I’ve ever done.
5 He’s a big fan of anime, and his room is full of figures.
6 I feel a little nervous when talking in front of people.
7 This restaurant is famous for its fluffy pancakes.